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Study smarter with the largest online library of course notes, flashcards, study guides, and homework help—available 24/7. Better grades guaranteed!

Find the exact course notes, study guides, and test prep you need from more than 10 million students and educators at 16,000 schools. Get fast homework help from expert tutors anytime, anywhere. Create flashcards to master the course material and share with your friends!

<b>Master Your Classes™</b>

Earn better grades when you study with millions of course notes, flashcards, study guides, test prep, and more from students and educators at 16,000 schools. Search for your school and course or get help from study resources at other schools. Once we learn about the subjects you're studying and courses you're following, we'll even send notifications when we have new and helpful resources.

<b>Homework Help</b>

Need fast homework help? Find answers to your homework questions with homework help from expert tutors who are available online 24/7. Get multiple perspectives and choose the answer that's most helpful. Quality answers or your money back!


Flashcards are a simple yet effective way to learn new material and retain knowledge. Create flashcards or find existing flashcard sets to help you master material before your exams. Share flashcards with your friends and classmates for an effective and collaborative study experience.

<b>Your Study Library</b>

Save study resources, Q&As, flashcards, and more to your library to stay organized this year. Your library is accessible via the app and via the Course Hero site in your browser so you can always find what you're looking for. Never misplace your study materials again!

TL;DR - With the Course Hero Android App you can:

- Maximize your study time and earn better grades!

- Study millions of course-specific documents: course notes, flashcards, and study guides.

- Get fast high-quality homework help from online tutors 24/7.

- Find existing flashcards or create your own to share with friends.

- Study right away or save materials to your library to read later.

- Have easy offline access to resources you've previously viewed via the app.

- Get notifications for new class resources—based on your previous searches.

People without a Premier subscription are still able to search and view previews of more than 10 million course-specific documents: course notes, study guides, and Q&As. They can also get homework help from Course Hero tutors and utilize all flashcard features. For full access to Course Hero's high-quality study documents, users must upgrade to a Premier membership.

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